Ballard Inn

Historic Style with Modern Amenities

The Ballard Inn is a boutique hotel offering 16 intimate rooms designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Ballard Inn is located in the heart of the historic Ballard just steps away from some of Seattle's most popular bars and restaurants. 

Originally built in 1902, as the American-Scandinavian Bank, the Ballard Inn was recently restored to it's original elegance with a few modern upgrades. On the outside, the original 'Bank Building' sign is still displayed paying tribute to the rich history of the Ballard neighborhood. On the inside, the Ballard Inn features modern amenities guaranteed to make any stay comfortable and relaxing in Seattle's #1 up & coming neighborhood. 

NOTICE: Ballard Inn will be temporarily closed until May 4, 2020. We will continue to take reservations for all stays on or after May 4th. We encourage you to use our online booking function during this time. For all other reservation inquires please contact our front desk at (206)-789-5011 or by email at For all urgent inquires please email Jamie Odland at